“I’ve coached alongside some of the best strength and conditioning experts in the world training all-Americans, NFL players, MLB players, Olympians, and Crossfit Games athletes. Nick is truly one of the best I’ve ever seen. He knows the Xs and Os of competitive fitness better than anyone in the field, and that isn’t even what sets him apart. What makes Nick THE very best is his ability to connect with his athletes and get the most out of him. Competitive sport is all about finding an edge. Our athletes have found that edge in Nick Fowler.”
— Michael Cazayoux, Brute Strength

Nick has transformed the way I train as an athlete. For years I was self coached, I did what I knew or thought I knew I should be doing. Being coached by Nick gave me true perspective in how to trust the process and also my fitness. As an athlete doing my own thing, I often did too much, and often too much of unnecessary things. Having someone as thorough as Nick was a game changer. I got fitter, my shoulder health stayed good and I enjoyed the anticipation of getting my programming each day. I can say he truly was an integral part, and the 7th member of the Wasatch Brutes when we won the affiliate cup in 2017!
— Adrian Conway, 3x CF Games Affiliate cup champion

Nick Fowler understands the “big picture” view of my training and takes the time to look at each piece of my training under a microscope, giving him an even better idea of what I need and what we do not need to change. The better I get at my sport the harder it is to see what needs to be fixed or changed. On top of being very knowledgeable, Nick Fowler has really great “bedside manner” I am someone who can get extremely overwhelmed or anxious and Nick handles my stress very well, making him someone who I feel confident in and someone I can really trust
— Brooke Ence, Crossfit Games Athlete, Actress

Coach Fowler has been an excellent resource for me as I pursue my dreams as a Crossfit Master’s Champion and competitor. He continually provides a variety in my programming that challenges me physically and mentally. His feedback has helped me to refine my skills in Crossfit and life. It is an honor to be on this journey with him as one of his athletes.
— Mary Beth Prodromides, 3x Crossfit masters Champion

A man that takes his vast knowledge on all things fitness and passionately applies it to the athletes he is working with.

Somehow with a non-chalant attitude he brings the most out of you. (His athletes)
— Jared Stevens, 3x Crossfit games athlete